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By Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital
November 18, 2019

Is your pet displaying some really odd habits, patterns or behaviors? If so, they may need therapy. While this might sound a bit strange at first, some pets (especially adopted or shelter pets) may come with certain behavioral problems due to past trauma and experiences. Any behavior that is alarming, problematic or potentially dangerous warrants talking to our High Point, NC, veterinarians about behavioral counseling.

Signs that a Pet Might Need Behavioral Counseling

There are certain behaviors that your cat or dog may display that may have you a bit concerned, but does it actually warrant behavioral counseling? It could, if they are showing signs of,

Aggression: There are many reasons a pet may act aggressively, whether out of protection for their family or possession over food or other items. Aggression can take on the form of growling, showing teeth, nipping and biting. You may find that your dog acts more aggressively than usual when out for walks or when encountering other animals, or your cat may claw you if you’ve been petting them for long periods of time. In these cases, behavioral counseling could improve your pet’s aggressive behaviors.

Anxiety: Being left alone or hearing loud noises could send your pet into a frenzy. There are many ways in which an animal may show anxiety, from loud meowing to hiding under the bed. Sometimes pets become destructive as a result of anxiety. This is another reason many pet owners visit the vet.

Sometimes animals act out because they are bored. If your pet isn’t getting the mental and physical stimulation it needs then it may also act out by scratching up furniture or urinating in the house. Changes in an owner’s life such as dating someone new could also affect your pet and lead to these behaviors. Again, if you are concerned about your pet’s behavior you should consult a pet behaviorist for help.

What is Involved in Pet Behavior Counseling?

When you bring your pet into our High Point, NC, vet office for an evaluation we can check for any medical problems that could be leading to their odd behaviors or changes in personality. If there are no health problems then your vet may recommend behavioral counseling for your cat or dog.

During your consultation, our vet will talk to you about the behaviors they are experiencing while also trying to get an idea of their home environment. Through a customized treatment plan that includes lifestyle changes and behavioral modifications, we can help owners change a lot of negative pet behaviors to create a more harmonious relationship.

Just as anxiety and aggressive are behaviors that can be detrimental for people, these same behaviors can also be a problem for your pets. If you are wondering whether your pet could benefit from behavioral counseling then call Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital and Total Care Veterinary Hospital in High Point, NC, today to schedule a consultation. For Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital, phone (336) 886-2315 or for Total Care Veterinary Hospital, call (336) 841-8877.

By Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital
July 17, 2019

It’s important to understand what constitutes a healthy diet in your pet.

Did you know that in 2018 alone, 60 percent of cats and 56 percent of dogs in the US were overweight or obese? This is an alarming petstatistic, for just as being overweight and obese can lead to health problems for people, the same rules apply to your furry friends. Making sure that your pet maintains a balanced, nutrient-rich diet is crucial for their health, and fortunately, our High Point, NC, veterinarians can provide nutritional counseling for pet parents who may not know exactly where to start—read on to learn more!


Nutritional Counseling from our High Point Animal Hospital

No matter whether your pet has just been diagnosed with a condition that requires some dietary changes or you are just looking for healthier meal and treat alternatives, our veterinary doctors here in High Point, NC, can help you find the right nutritional plan to keep your pet healthy and happy. We provide dietary counseling, as well as answer questions and address any concerns that pet owners may have along the way.

Nutritional counseling is a great way to educate and inform pet owners about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet for their pet. We will tailor the counseling and nutritional plan to meet your pet’s lifestyle, needs, health problems, and age. As your pet gets older we may also need to adjust or alter their diet accordingly.


Understand Your Pet’s Health

A pet’s dietary needs will depend on a variety of factors including their size and activity level. It’s probably obvious to say that smaller pets will eat smaller amounts of food than larger pets. So, how much should your pet eat? Most pets will need about 25 to 30 calories per pound per day in order to maintain their weight. This means that a 30-lb. dog will need around 800 calories while an average cat can make do with 300 calories per day. And remember, those treats really add up!

Weight gain is the most obvious sign that your pet is eating too much and that you need to alter their diet accordingly. If your pet is eating a healthy diet they shouldn’t be gaining weight. Additionally, different pets need different kinds of foods based on their size and shape. For example, a dog will require a diet that is rich in protein while rabbits and hamsters may benefit from eating more vegetables and fiber-rich foods. If you aren’t sure what to feed your pet, then it’s time to talk with your veterinarian.


Give Animal Hospital a Call

If you are concerned that your pet isn’t getting the proper nutrients they need from their diet, don’t hesitate to contact our animal hospital in High Point, NC, today to schedule a nutritional counseling appointment with one of our veterinarians. We can be reached at (336) 841-8877.

By Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital
May 28, 2019

Learn more about our caring and professional pet boarding facilities in High Point, NC.

You're finally heading out on vacation for some much-needed rest and relaxation. Of course, with you gone, the question remains of who's going to be put in charge of caring for your pet? Sure, you could ask a neighbor or a friend to care for them but what if something happens or there’s an emergency that requires immediate care from one of our veterinarians?

Here at Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital in High Point, NC, we know that your pet is family, and that’s exactly how we treat them when they walk through our doors! Patients love our pet boarding facilities because of the friendly loving staff, the attentive care, and the fact that qualified veterinarians are on-site in case something does happen.

No matter whether your pet is staying with us overnight or for an extended period of time, our staff will provide them with the attention and love that they need while you are gone. Knowing your pet is in good hands can be a major comfort when you are away from home.

Of course, while the last thing you want to think about is an emergency happening to your pet while you are away, it’s also important to consider these issues in case they do happen. Patients who board their pets with us can rest assured that if something does happen, their furry friend is surrounded by a team of highly trained veterinarians and techs. We have everything we need right here in our High Point, NC, veterinary clinic to provide your pet with the treatment and care they need whenever necessary!


Give us a call!

Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital has two locations in High Point, NC, making it easier to board your pet when going out of town. Don’t leave your pet home alone. Leave them in trusted hands so you can relax and truly enjoy your next vacation. Give us a call today to learn more about our pet boarding services.

By Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital
May 23, 2017
Tags: cat training  

As a cat owner, it’s important to understand the natural behaviors associated with your pet. Ultimately deciding if your cat needs training cat behavioral trainingis a personal decision. However, if you want to understand more about your pet and connect with them at a deep level, training is the answer. Our professionals at Total Care and Skeet Club Veterinary Hospitals in High Point, North Carolina have the expertise and experience to offer a great cat training session.

About Cat Behaviors

Your cat is nocturnal. This means it will be active at night. While many cats are active during the day, you cannot retain your cat to sleep through the night. Make sure you have a lot of positive activities for your cat to focus on during the night. Also, always leave fresh water out for your pet.

While chewing may be bothersome for you, it is an important task for strengthening your cat’s teeth and jaws. Give your cat plenty of chew toys made of soft materials. Scratching is another important cat function. It helps them to fully stretch their muscles in their entire body. It offers a way for cats to shed dead things from their nails too. You cannot teach your cat how to do this as it is something they are born with. However, you can teach a cat to scratch a scratching post.

Understanding the way your cat communicates is vital too. Purring usually is associated with comfort while meowing is a call for attention. There are a variety of other communication sounds that can be learned too. Lastly, roaming is a part of your cat’s natural hunting behavior. Indoor cats may struggle here, that’s why having lots of toys and things for your pet to do is important.

Understanding your pet makes for a better experience for the both of you. For more information on cat training and behaviors, contact our High Point North Carolina veterinary office at 336-886-2315.

By Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital
March 01, 2017

When it comes to your pets, regular comprehensive examinations that are preventative helps keep your pet as healthy as possible. Early vet visitsdetection makes sure that quick action can be done to solve the problem before anything serious happens. A veterinarian in High Point, North Carolina from Total Care and Skeet Club Veterinary Hospitals can help keep your pet safe and healthy.

What does a Regular Veterinary Exam Entail?

During a pet’s annual exam, a veterinarian in High Point, North Carolina from Total Care and Skeet Club Veterinary Hospitals will look at a variety of important health things including dental health, vaccination status, parasite control, ears, eyes, digestive system, breathing, feet and legs, coat and skin, and blood tests.

When it comes to vaccinations, the schedule will depend on the pet’s age. Puppies or kitten are recommended to have a series of combination vaccinations while older pets may not require as many shots. These shots help prevent rabies, distemper, canine parvovirus-2 and canine adenovirus-2 (hepatitis). Other vaccines help to prevent kennel cough, leptospirosis, coronavirus and canine flu, just to name a few.

Heartworm testing is also important in regards to your test. The American Heartworm Society suggests that dogs be tested annually for this infection. Other tests for intestinal parasites (worms), is important. This testing will depend on the age of the pet, the likelihood they came into contact with feces of other animals, if they’ve had it before, if they are around children, if you plan to breed the dog and if they are on a heartworm prevention medication.

These are just some of the important things that a High Point, North Carolina from Total Care and Skeet Club Veterinary Hospitals looks for in your pet during regular examinations. These preventative care visits help keep your pet as healthy as possible and from experiencing any painful experiences.  Call today to schedule this important visit at one of our High Point, North Carolina offices.

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