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When You Should Consider Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery In High Point, NC

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Ideally, your pets would remain forever healthy. Unfortunately, emergencies happen and unexpected medical conditions develop requiring surgery. At Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital in High Point, Dr. Harvey Goho, Dr. Lydia Goho, and Dr. Shelly Figgatt are board-certified and have experience with various pet surgeries. Whatever type of surgery your pet needs, the friendly veterinary staff at both animal hospitals will provide the highest level of care for your pet.

Common Reasons for Surgery
Pets might need surgery for a variety of reasons. An injury, illness, or medical problem are common reasons for pet surgery. Some dog breeds are prone to specific medical problems, such as hip dysplasia, and might require surgery to correct the problem. Whether your pet needs surgery due to illness, injury, or a specific medical condition, the board-certified veterinarians at both Total Care Veterinary Hospital and Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital in High Point, NC, will diagnose the problem and provide thorough treatment and care for your pet.

Surgical Procedures
Depending on the type of surgery needed, as well as the reason for it, different types of anesthesia, sedatives, or medications might be needed. In most cases, local anesthesia and/or sedative will be administered to help relax your pet or put it to sleep during the procedure. Following surgery, pain medications might also be provided, if appropriate. Your pet will likely spend some time recovering at the hospital immediately following surgery, then continue with recovery at home. If surgery was due to illness, additional medications might also be prescribed.

No pet owner wants their pet to undergo pet surgery. However, sometimes surgery is the best course of treatment for repairing an injury, curing an illness, or correcting a medical concern. If surgery is necessary, you can be confident your pets are in good hands with the Vets in High Point, NC.

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We schedule a full 30-minute appointment for most of our exams. This allows ample time to discuss your concerns with our doctors and to provide your pet with a full extensive exam. If you phone us with questions, our staff members are happy to assist you. If additional information is needed, a doctor will make every effort to call you back the same day.

We provide expert medical and surgical care should your pet become ill or injured. We offer a full range of quality animal care with specialized diagnostic and treatment modalities. We also provide consultations with board certified specialists.

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