Why is Pet Grooming Important?

Here at Skeet Club Vet, we can make any day a spa day for your cat or dog. While you could bathe your pet yourself, we know how challenging this task can be; however, regular bathing and grooming is important for the health and comfort of your pet (not to mention, it can cut down on any pet allergies you might have). Turn to the veterinarians at Skeet Club Vet to provide safe, effective grooming services for your furry and extra furry companions.

By maintaining regular pet grooming with a qualified vet, we can prevent hair from getting matted and tangled. We provide your pet with the attention and care they need to maintain long silky coats or soft, manageable fur. Starting your pet out young is a great way to get them used to regular pet grooming. Of course, having a team of qualified vets and staff here at Skeet Club Vet that can provide your pet with gentle, caring, and attentive grooming also means that your pet will feel comfortable whenever they come into our office. We know that grooming isn’t the highlight of the day for most pets, but we can make the experience a positive one.

Along with the obvious benefits of pet grooming, there are quite a few health benefits of grooming, as well. For one, brushing your pet helps the skin to release oils that they need to keep skin healthy and supple. Particularly for long-haired pets, it’s important to get regular grooming sessions, as matted hair can trap certain oils and bacteria, which can lead to severe skin infections. Plus, keeping your pet’s hair nice and trim, also makes it easier to spot potentially suspicious lumps, growths, and bumps that our veterinarians can take a look at.

Many dogs will need professional grooming every 6-8 weeks to maintain a healthy, tangle-free coat. This is something to discuss with us when you bring your pet in for their first grooming. When we think of grooming, we often just think about trimming the hair, brushing it out, and treating tangles and mats; however, bathing is also an important part of this service. Indeed, our furry friends do not need to bathe as often as we do, but it’s still important for the health of their skin.

Some breeds can go a month or so without needing a bath, while other breeds may require regular baths. Speak with our veterinarians to find out how often you should bathe your pet and remember that if you do end up bathing your pet yourself, that you avoid any of the products that you use (as these could irritate your pet’s skin). Use shampoos and products designed just for them.

Our pet grooming will make your pet feel like a million bucks! To learn more about our pet grooming services here in High Point, NC, call Skeet Club Vet today at (336) 886-2315.

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