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Pet Grooming In High Point, NC

With the help of your Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital, keep your pet clean, happy, and healthy. You know the situation—one minute your pet’s perfectly clean, the next they’re in something they’re not supposed to and a mess. So what Pet Grooming in High Point, NC do you do? The simple answer is to clean them off, but that’s difficult when you’re dealing with a nervous cat or dog. Luckily, your High Point, NC veterinarians at Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital are here to help you.

How Do You Bathe a Pet?

Cats and dogs are the pets that most commonly need to be bathed, and the process for both is similar. First, before bathing your pet, you should brush them to remove any loose hair and mats. Then, put them in a sink, tub or another container that has a non-slip mat on the bottom and has been filled with three to four inches of lukewarm water. Try not to make the water too hot, as that could hurt your pet, or add too much water, as that could make them more anxious. Using a spray hose or plastic pitcher or cup, wet your pet’s fur and rub them down with soap, working from the head to the tail. Do this while avoiding the ears, eyes, and nose as their face should only be cleaned with a wet washcloth. Once you’re all done, wipe your pet down with a towel and let them finish drying off on their own.

When are Baths Needed?

Keeping your cat clean is usually pretty easy—they have built-in grooming tools, their tongue, and teeth, and are known for their cleanliness. But when they get very dirty or can’t clean certain parts of themselves anymore, they need a bath. However, they only need the dirty parts of their body cleaned.
Dogs, on the other hand, need fairly regular baths. The ASPCA suggests you bathe your dog at least once every three months, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. You should consult your High Point, NC veterinarian and consider your dog's coat type—oily, short, water-repellent—any skin conditions they have and how often they are outside to figure out what’s best for your dog. But always, if they ever get excessively dirty, your pet needs a bath.

Pet Baths in High Point, NC

But more than anything, the easiest way to give your pet a bath is to take them to the office of your High Point, NC veterinarian at Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital. There your pet can be completely groomed—from bath to nail trim to a haircut—and you can rest assured they will be bathed calmly, safely, and thoroughly.

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