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By Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital
January 04, 2018
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You vaccinate your children and yourself against infectious disease. Shots for pneumonia, flu, chicken pox, and more protect your family, vaccineshelp you all have a healthy life and stop the spread of illness throughout the human population. The same philosophy applies to your pet cat or dog, say your veterinarians in High Point, NC. Dr. Harvey Goho, Dr. Lydia Goho, and Dr. Shelly Figgatt stress the importance of keeping your pet's vaccines current at Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital and Total Care Veterinary Hospital.

Are vaccines really that important?

Yes, they are critical to your pet's health, and because your dog or cat functions as a member of your family, his or her health influences you and your children. Additionally, just as some human illnesses have been practically eradicated in the United States and other developed countries, so some animal diseases have been greatly reduced because of diligent administrations of vaccines. Distemper is a good example.

Knowing this, the American Animal Hospital Association has helped veterinarians develop a vaccine schedule and protocol. While local municipalities may vary on their requirements for pet shots needed for licensing, everyone agrees that the veterinarian is the best source for physical exams, emergency care, selection of a pet and what kinds of shots should be given, along with when and how often.

When you bring your pet to your veterinarian, the doctor will carefully examine your dog or cat to determine his or her current health status. The doctor will schedule your pet's shots based on his or her health, age, breed, how much time the animal spends outdoors, travel and occupations (therapy dog or police dog as examples).

What your dog or cat needs

Typical canine vaccinations include distemper, rabies, leptospirosis, and parvovirus. Typical feline shots include distemper, calcivirus, rhinotracheitis and feline leukemia.

The professional staff at Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital and Total Care Veterinary Hospital tell pet owners that their furry family members likely will not experience any adverse side effects from vaccines. Occasional allergic reactions can occur, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule. The doctors feel that the risks of having the diseases far outweigh the small chance for reactions.

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