The Importance Of Regular Examinations

The Importance Of Regular Examinations

When it comes to your pets, regular comprehensive examinations that are preventative helps keep your pet as healthy as possible. Early vet visitsdetection makes sure that quick action can be done to solve the problem before anything serious happens. A veterinarian in High Point, North Carolina from Total Care and Skeet Club Veterinary Hospitals can help keep your pet safe and healthy.

What does a Regular Veterinary Exam Entail?

During a pet’s annual exam, a veterinarian in High Point, North Carolina from Total Care and Skeet Club Veterinary Hospitals will look at a variety of important health things including dental health, vaccination status, parasite control, ears, eyes, digestive system, breathing, feet and legs, coat and skin, and blood tests.

When it comes to vaccinations, the schedule will depend on the pet’s age. Puppies or kitten are recommended to have a series of combination vaccinations while older pets may not require as many shots. These shots help prevent rabies, distemper, canine parvovirus-2 and canine adenovirus-2 (hepatitis). Other vaccines help to prevent kennel cough, leptospirosis, coronavirus and canine flu, just to name a few.

Heartworm testing is also important in regards to your test. The American Heartworm Society suggests that dogs be tested annually for this infection. Other tests for intestinal parasites (worms), is important. This testing will depend on the age of the pet, the likelihood they came into contact with feces of other animals, if they’ve had it before, if they are around children, if you plan to breed the dog and if they are on a heartworm prevention medication.

These are just some of the important things that a High Point, North Carolina from Total Care and Skeet Club Veterinary Hospitals looks for in your pet during regular examinations. These preventative care visits help keep your pet as healthy as possible and from experiencing any painful experiences.  Call today to schedule this important visit at one of our High Point, North Carolina offices.

We schedule a full 30-minute appointment for most of our exams. This allows ample time to discuss your concerns with our doctors and to provide your pet with a full extensive exam. If you phone us with questions, our staff members are happy to assist you. If additional information is needed, a doctor will make every effort to call you back the same day.

We provide expert medical and surgical care should your pet become ill or injured. We offer a full range of quality animal care with specialized diagnostic and treatment modalities. We also provide consultations with board certified specialists.

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