Preparing Your Pet For Boarding

Preparing Your Pet For Boarding

How your veterinarians in High Point, NC, can help when you need to board your pet.

When you have a pet, chances are you will need to board your pet at some point. Boarding your pet can be a difficult decision. Pets are like family, and you want to make sure your pet is well taken care of when you are away.

The veterinarians of Total Care Veterinary Hospital and Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital in High Point, NC, offer comprehensive pet care services, including pet boarding.

When you are considering where to board your pet, there are some important things to look for, including a:

  • Facility that is clean, comfortable, and safe
  • Gentle, caring, and considerate staff who will treat your pet well
  • Facility that also has pet medical services available
  • Facility that provides excellent communication with you

To prepare your pet for boarding, you should:

Bring your pet in for an examination by your veterinarian; your pet will be around other animals, so it’s important for the health of your pet and others that your pet is healthy before boarding with other animals.

Make sure your pet is current on all vaccinations; you want to protect your pet from diseases acquired by other animals, like rabies and distemper. When your pet is vaccinated, it helps keep your pet healthy.

Discuss any special needs your pet has with the boarding staff; this can include allergies, special diet, special medical care, behavior, and other issues.

Have your pet groomed or bathed before boarding; when your pet is clean, it helps keep other animals clean too, and it cuts down on dirt and debris within the facility.

Spend quality time with your pet before boarding; a gentle transition into boarding lets your pet know everything is going to be well. Pets are sensitive to their owner's emotions, so when you are calm, chances are your pet will be calm too.

To find out more about pet boarding and other veterinary services, call the veterinarians of Skeet Club Veterinary Hospital in High Point, NC, at (336) 886-2315 and at Total Care Veterinary Hospital on Greensboro Road at (336) 841-8877. Call today.

We schedule a full 30-minute appointment for most of our exams. This allows ample time to discuss your concerns with our doctors and to provide your pet with a full extensive exam. If you phone us with questions, our staff members are happy to assist you. If additional information is needed, a doctor will make every effort to call you back the same day.

We provide expert medical and surgical care should your pet become ill or injured. We offer a full range of quality animal care with specialized diagnostic and treatment modalities. We also provide consultations with board certified specialists.

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